Terms of the user agreement

Date of the last update: 05.05.2019


1. The Participant agrees to abide by the terms of this Agreement (offert).

2. Agreement on the provision of services under the conditions set forth in this Offer.

3. Create accounts on the site of the club L & S Club, in accordance with the law of their country, are entitled only to citizens who have reached adulthood.

4. At registration, the participant must necessarily familiarize himself with the terms of this agreement, know and understand the principles of the services offered by the club and the info of the goods.

5. The Administration has the right to unilaterally and at any time restrict, expand or change the quality of services and the quantity of information products.

6. Each participant who decided to take part in the L & S Club must carefully study these rules. If you agree with our rules, you should view them weekly, as at any time there may be additions or changes. If you do not follow this section and take the wrong steps, the administration takes no responsibility for your mistakes.

7. The participant is engaged in all financial operations strictly on their own. You can buy or rent an information product in any amount. And this means that the entered amount is not refundable.

8. The internal unit of the club is "LS"
a. 1 LS is equal to 1 ruble
b. 1 ELS is equal to 1 etherium
c. 1 BLS is equal to 1 bitcoin

9. The participant is obliged to provide accurate, reliable and complete information about himself. the club declines all responsibility if, in the event of inaccurate information, the cause of the incorrect cash withdrawal operation occurs.

10. Withdrawal of funds is carried out up to 72 hours, if there are two active, personally invited partners.

11. A club member participating in the L & S Moneybox program must confirm activity every 7 days by paying 50 LS. Otherwise, the withdrawal of funds will be closed until the debt is fully repaid.

12. The offices, which are in the L & S Club and are inactive for one year, will be blocked, or transferred to the working partners of the club.

13. The Administration guarantees the non-disclosure of personal information about participants provided at registration to third parties.

14. The administration has the right to block any cabinet for suspicious activities, as well as any other actions that cause or may harm the existence and development of the L&S Club.

15. Administration is not responsible for, of any kind, work malfunctions that occurred for reasons beyond our control.

16. The Administration has the right to change the terms of this Agreement unilaterally and at any time (offers).

17. The participant is obliged to use a reliable anti-virus program and not to switch to suspicious links in order not to become a victim of intruders, therefore, the responsibility for the loss of passwords from the cabinet or purses of the payment systems used is entirely his own.

18. Registration on the website means acceptance of this agreement (offer). If you do not accept these rules, stop registering and leave the site.

This User Agreement (offer) concluded by the acceptance of this public offer does not require a two-sided signing on paper and in fact in electronic form.